These videos explore different themes of higher education such as industry collaboration, knowledge exchange, local and regional development. They look into the important role that universities and other higher education institutions can play in building their communities, cities and nations. They highlight the importance of making the bests use of skills, widening access to higher education and ensuring that the enhanced access is combined with improved success in higher education.

Universities and industry coming together in new ways

This video is from University-industry Interaction Conference in Amsterdam . Jaana Puukka took part in the 2013 conference as an invited  panellist and a speaker. She shares here experience of universities and industry coming together in new and different ways. In many countries the focus has moved from knowledge transfer to knowledge exchange and partnerships with genuine co-creation.

Poland needs to modernise its higher education

This video is from the launch conference of the OECD review of higher education in regional and city development of Wroclaw in Poland. Jaana Puukka led the review and co-authored the OECD review report with international experts of this dynamic city against the border with Germany.


The Dynamic Wroclaw and its universities

In this interview Jaana Puukka shares her insight into the dynamics of city development in Wroclaw (former Breslau). What sets Wroclaw apart from many other cities in Poland and central eastern Europe is the Yes-We-Can attitude of its students and Mayor.

How can cities and regions mobilise higher education for development - lessons from the OECD review of Lombardy

In this video from the Annual Conference of EUPOLIS in Milan (2012)  Jaana Puukka speaks how universities and higher education institutions impact on the socio-economic development. She highlights the key elements of the reviews of higher education in regional and city development that she led for eight years for the OECD (2005-2013). She presents the key findings of the review of Lombardy. Lombardy is an affluent region with a robust industrial manufacturing base. Butit now needs to needs to reinvent itself through diversification and access to high levels skills. As an ageing society it also needs to make better use of the skills of the migrants and ageing population and ensure that skilled population will stay in the region.

Lombardy and the challenge of globalisation

In this video from the EUPOLIS annual conference in Milan in 2012 Jaana Puukka highlights the key challenges of the workforce and skills in Lombardy. The region has traditionally had a dynamic labour market, but at the same time it has a low skilled population compared to leading regions in the EU area. She sets out recommendations for universities, the region of Lombardy and the national government to meet the pressures of increasing global competition.